Five ways to Earn from Home

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Five ways to Earn from Home with a Laptop/PC

I love sharing my skills with you guys because this is a great way to make money online without actually doing anything.

My name is Shahid. I have been in the tech and marketing industry for over fourteen years, working at companies like Cybertingle.

I am also an active member of Facebook group Vocal Media where we meet each other weekly to discuss different topics based on which our hobbies are.

Today I want to introduce some ways that I will be referring to throughout most of what I do.

I use Fiverr as one of the best platforms to hire freelancers and I use it too!

One of the main perks of being able to make money with your own skills is not having to pay anyone else anything if you don’t do good enough work.

It’s pretty cool because you can do whatever content creation job you want at your own pace.

You should always ask yourself how much you can afford to risk losing trying something new or failing, especially when things don’t go well for the start up.

I will focus here on SkillShare and some other platforms. I used the platform early on due to its ability to help me build my business and now have clients who pay per project or month. It’s still very much a learning curve but it works.

This may sound really boring, but you need to know about these five strategies that I share below so you can learn from them and grow.

1) Join groups/communities related to your field (such as finance, photography etc.) Use these communities to post or interact with people in your niche on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. This could also lead to guest posting opportunities and speaking events. You’ll discover many other possibilities after joining those networks.

2) Post reviews of others. When someone posts a review on your profile, click through it and read the text below it, then hit the heart icon. If you’re interested in working with customers or customers that work with you, please read their reviews because they can get a lot of information on your reputation. Sometimes reviews help convince potential employees, or clients, to recommend you to their friends or family.

3) Start a blog or vlog using Wix or Squarespace or Blogger, or another blogging tool. Many businesses even post their blogs on Linkedin so it’s a great place to find gigs. However, building your first website won’t bring in a ton of cash. So be patient. Just build something and publish it for free for awhile. Maybe eventually you can turn it into a paid site.

4) Sell digital copies of images and videos you create on your blog or elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to show off your portfolio online, especially if you’re creating lots of stock photos for clients. Even just 20-30 seconds uploaded to stock photo websites like Shutterstock can be worth thousands if done right and right. In addition to selling your pictures, you can also sell your video as well. A few years ago, I shared two successful examples of what I did for hundreds of dollars. One is an image that shows a woman walking a dog and enjoying nature, while another showed a mother taking her child out of school at night.

5) Offer web hosting services, ebooks to teach courses, whitepapers etc. Create online resumes or portfolios for other people to access from a secure page on the internet. They can use Google forms to sign up (you should definitely add social proof to your resume), or email form templates to set up recurring payments for people to visit certain pages that you created and offer. If your area of expertise includes technology, ebooks, and web design, use Amazon and KDP for your book sales. There really is no limit to what you can sell online by offering your knowledge. And that means you don’t have to spend every day typing out a million words and uploading them onto various websites.

Some others platforms are as follow:



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