Real Story of Sidhu Moose Wala’s Killing!


The singer had released a song named “The Last Ride” as a tribute to American rapper Tupac Shakur, who was murdered by gangsters in September 1996, just two weeks prior to the Sidhu Moosewala’s assassination at the hands of at least six shooters supported by gangsters working from jail and Canada.

Like Tupac, Moosewala had predicted that he would also pass away young in the song. On May 29, about 5.30 pm, he was shot and killed in the Mansa neighbourhood, fulfilling the prophecy.

In a manner similar to when Tupac was killed, Moosewala’s bodyguards were absent. Tupac had instructed his security Frank Alexander to follow him in another vehicle as he made his way to a restaurant. The Punjabi musician left his Musa hometown on that fateful day without taking two Punjab Police gunmen with him.

He had stated, “I am heading nearby to Massi’s house with Gurpinder (relative) and Gurpreet (friend). The AAP government removed the two additional gunmen who had been watching him for a few years a day before he was assassinated.
The singer’s ex-serviceman father, Balkaur Singh, eventually admitted to the police that he had chased after his son after learning that he had left the gunmen behind. His life was threatened, and there were several attempts.”

Almost within an hour of the murder, Goldy Brar, a Canadian, claimed responsibility. He claimed that Moosewala was assassinated in retaliation for the murder of Akali leader Vicky Middukhera. The singer was slain as a consequence of an inter-gang dispute, according to a statement made by the then-DGP VK Bhawra around 9.30 pm that day. Later, he was forced to retract his statement.

Despite receiving harsh criticism over the murder, the Punjab Police were nonetheless able to make the first arrest on May 30. In Uttarakhand, it captured one Manpreet Bhau from a location close to Rishikesh. On the purported orders of incarcerated gangster Siraj Mintu, he had provided the Toyota Corolla automobile. In order to question Mintu, Manpreet Manna, and Manu Daggar about their involvement, the police brought them from the jail.

Moosewala was also linked to soem big holllywood stars like Drake. Drake also post a picture of Sidhu Moosewala The day he was killed!

Sidhu Moosewala Portrait with another portrait of Drake


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